Royal Treatment Health Systems provides a continuum of care that ensures all consumers and family members referred are evaluated and provided services to meet their needs:

  • IFI: Intensive Family Intervention is a service that includes intervention, intensive supporting resources management, individual and family counseling/training.
  • CORE: A lower level of care that consist of the following services: assessment and treatment planning, psychiatric and psychological assessments.
  • Consulting: Royal Treatment Health Systems offers consultative advice to other providers in assistance with audit processes,  program implementations, and best practices.
  • Psychiatric/Psychological Testing: Face-to-face diagnostic interview examination including a history, metal status exam, evaluation of the youth.
  • Trauma Assessment: Royal Treatment Health Systems utilizes the UCLA assessment and measurement tool to conduct a trauma assessment.
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A conjoint child and parent/guardian psychotherapy approach for children and adolescents.
  • Community Support: Assistance in the development of interpersonal, community coping, and functional skills.
  • Screening and intake assessment: Face-to-face comprehensive clinical assessment with the individual and parent/guardian to gather information to determine the youth’s problems.
  • Individual Counseling: Therapeutic intervention provided by a qualified clinician directed towards achievement of specific goals defined by the youth and parent/guardian.
  • Family Counseling: Interventions with the youth and identified family members or guardians with the primary focus to develop, enhance, and maintain the functioning of the family unit.
  • Discharge planning: Discharge planning occurs throughout all phases of the program. The person served has met discharge criteria when the goals of the individual plan are achieved.
  • Nursing Assessment and Health Services: The gathering of information about the youth’s medical and other health issues.

We currently accept the following insurances:  Medicaid, Amerigroup, WellCare, CareSource, and Aetna.