Royal Treatment Health Systems is a community-based, mental health agency headquartered in Decatur, GA, providing therapy services across the greater Atlanta area. We specialize in individual and family counseling for children and adolescents.

Our services focus on preventing legal involvement, assisting families with limited resources, teaching skills that empower kids to improve behaviorally at home and school, and stabilizing families that are in crisis. We take great pride in providing the highest level of quality and care to our consumers. We boast amongst the highest audit scores in the State of Georgia for the last 3 consecutive audits which further demonstrates the fidelity of our program. We have been recognized by the Department of Behavioral Health, our governing body, for our excellence of service. Moreover, we provide regular updates as a standard to all of our referral sources in order to keep them informed of the client’s progress.

We have an excellent team of Licensed and Paraprofessional mental health specialists, who have experience working with children, adolescents and their families offering treatments in both settings when applicable.

We accept Medicaid (SSI, Foster Care), Amerigroup, Wellcare, CareSource, Aetna and Fee For Service (no insurance).

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